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Reviews by SK, Simon and Sam

"I had the pleasure of experiencing a truly unforgettable experience with Isabelle. She is one of the most beautiful woman I have come across, both inside and out. I had ended up seeing her 2 nights in a row as I was truly blown away after our first encounter"

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"It's nice when you open the door of a hotel room and within a split second you know you're in for an amazing time. Isabelle is beautiful,, her hair and makeup were flawless, she smells so good and everything about her is first class. At this end of the escort market you expect to get what you pay for sadly however this isn't always the case. No such problems here. Expectations were exceeded and I'm going to book much longer than 2 hours next time. Isabelle turned heads in the bar, tight black dress, heels and confidence. I felt like the king of the world. Things only got better back up in the hotel room. Isabelle could be a lingerie model and your hottest girlfriend rolled into one. Melbourne has a new star. She's bloody lovely too. Her video on her profile was filmed very recently, and yes her body really is that good. 11/10."

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"I had the pleasure of seeing this exquisite woman one rainy evening.
Isabelle is every bit as attractive (if not more) than her pictures.
We shared a great time together and I will be fondly recalling the experience for quite some time.
My only regret was that I had not booked a longer encounter."

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A great experience. Genuine photos. Charming personality. Will return.

David Lee

When I first saw her adverts last year - it seemed too good to be true. Those photos looked absolutely magnificent!! Surely this must be a mirage.

Anyhow I took the plunge. Messaged her. Communication was easy. But work got in the way. Then I decided to wait until a good review came up on Punters Planet or TNT2; it never did. Time passed. Eventually I came back to her ad and saw her video. I was impressed. Curiosity got the better of me and I made a booking to see her.

You know what I like? I like the excitement of being in the presence of a beautiful young lady. I feel alive when I push my hand up her thigh and she smiles.

I've been feeling a bit stressed lately. And this was my "me" time. And Isabelle fitted the prescription. I messaged her. Somehow the email didn't get through but she eventually messaged me back with an apology. Made the necessary arrangements. Meeting up with her was simple, easy and straightforward.

Upon meeting her for the first time, I had to do a double take. Wow, she looked fantastic. She was gorgeous. Her face reminded me of the Channel 7 Newsreader in Melbourne, Jacqueline Felgate.

Her body was like the pretty Penthouse pets I'd fantasize about . She reminded me of the beautiful slender blonde Playboy model Maria Miri Domark.

Miss Grey had an angelic slim slender model model. I could imagine her on a Victoria Secret catwalk. She had beautiful proportions.

She had beautiful long legs a dancer would dream of. Slender elegant arms. And later on I found to my delight, a perfectly small vagina too - shaped like a heart - perfection.

After the preliminaries, she changed to this stunning red lingerie, similar to the one in her video. I could easily have spent one hour just gazing at this.

I spent quite a bit of time just kissing her body. It was simply divine.

The love making was gentle like the first time I made out with my girlfriend. Soft, slow, gentle, passionate.

We kissed many times. I was mesmerized with her beautiful blonde curly hair and her stunning slender body.

It made me so happy to cradle her in my arms and to make love to her.

A stunning courtesan. Well groomed. To be honest I was a little bit in awe of her blonde nordic beauty.

My only regret is that I did not see her in 2016 when I first thought about seeing her.

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